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American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses

501c3 non-profit

Inspired by "National Rural Teacher of the Year" Craig Cegielski the ACSMB was formed to help schools start a STEM based Youth Apprenticeship Program via a specific Student Run MFG Business model starting in 7th grade.

This model provides unequaled benefits to the Students, Teachers, Schools and Industry Partners, essentially the entire community. A proven "Win Win" for everyone involved. Our mission focuses on helping schools train qualified / competent graduates, providing workforce ready / college ready individuals, eliminating road blocks, increasing startups, locating & certifying teachers, sharing a pathway to achieving self-funded, self-sustaining Advanced Manufacturing Education including Robotic Automation.


The Speaker's Task Force on Youth Workforce Readiness held a public hearing at Eleva-Strum High School. The school has been recognized nationally for Cardinal Manufacturing, a fully operational manufacturing company within the schools walls.

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the challenge

Empower a New Generation of Highly Skilled Workers

It's no secret that American Manufacturing has been devastated. For those of us who have spent a lifetime in Manufacturing, it's been a painful experience. As our plants closed and jobs disappeared the apprenticeship programs died. Our once highly skilled workforce gradually disintegrated and critical skills were outsourced with the jobs they supported.

Fortunately, an awakening is taking place in America as "Skills Gap" statistics reveal many good jobs going unfilled due to a lack of skilled labor. Recent recommendations from the Presidents Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion and ongoing national STEM efforts align perfectly with our outcomes. Encountering high-tech equipment costs these days, this non-profit was formed to help schools get started and mentor their success. 

A unique solution

A Masterpiece Solution from an American Teacher

In 1998, a young tech-ed teacher in rural Wisconsin had a vision to create a manufacturing education program that every school district could afford. Since that time, he succeeded in doing it twice while helping fifteen others get started...

Craig Cegielski was named "National Rural Teacher of the Year" for the 2015-2016 school year, receiving honors at the White House from President Obama, amazing considering he teaches at a high school with an enrollment of only 160 students. Over the past eighteen years he developed a Turn-Key solution that partners with local industry, unites the community and produces high quality graduates with great employability skills. Employers today are seeking young people with character that have technical skills, not highly skilled workers with issues. They are more concerned about who they are, instead of what they know. 



A successful model

Self-Sustaining, Student-Run Manufacturing

When we say "Student Run Business" we mean the students run every aspect of the business, from marketing to shipping and everything in between.  To start a program like this in any community it requires a few key ingredients, the "right" instructor, supporting faculty, adequate shop space and some industry partners. Until now, many schools across this nation could not afford the cost of Advanced Manufacturing Education. By replicating this turn-key model and some mentoring, even the poorest schools are learning how to unite their community by forming a self-funding, self-sustaining student run business with local Industry Partners.

If you or someone you know has done well in American Manufacturing, we ask you to join us in giving back. Our goal is to help every community in United States train their young people utilizing the latest technology while showing them how to maintain this high level of education long term.