Industry Partners

"While everyone is thinking out of the box concerning our manufacturing challenges, we decided to create a whole new box"

- Matt Guse


this shop owner is all in...may the force be with you!

When Matt Guse owner of MRS Machining in Augusta Wisconsin first heard about the Student Run Manufacturing Business in operation at Eleva-Strum High School he was all in. He went home that same day and began the process of becoming a foundational "Industry Partner", the "FORCE" behind this type of program. These programs operate through the conduit of industry partnership.  Industry Partners provide capability by donating equipment and supplying work for the business, giving students the opportunity to make real parts for industry while fostering a self-sustaining enterprise. We are privileged to have Matt on our board of directors.

IMTS 2016 | Sept. 12-17, 2016 | Sept. 10-15, 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois MRS Machining President and Owner Matt Guse leads his team of 50 employees, who are more like family, by living and breathing the world of manufacturing.